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As it is known; our company “SGS” is one of the selected two companies by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) based on “Announcement related to Call for Prequalification for Supervision of Natural Gas Distribution Companies“ stated in the Official Newspaper dated 31.03.2006 and numbered 26215 and on “Board Decision related to the practices of Supervision of Natural Gas Distribution Companies” stated in the Official Newspaper dated 06.04.2006 and numbered 26131.
Within this agreement, Natural Gas Distribution companies which have the Natural Gas Distribution License from EMRA will be supervised on behalf of EMRA under the conditions of Natural Gas Market Law, Regulations, Notifications, Board Decisions and the rules of this agreement. The results will also be reported to EMRA by us.
Supervision Principles will be as follows:
Supervision will be done according to the nomination coordinated by EMRA Natural Gas Market Application Department. Inspector’s names, inspection subject, time and unit inspection fee will be shown on the Nomination Order which will be given from EMRA. After the inspection, the report which includes the supervision results will be handed over to EMRA in a week.
Supervision scope will cover: The design and project of Natural Gas Distribution system The installation, testing and commissioning of Natural Gas Steel and Polyethylene line pipes The design, installation and testing of Natural Gas RMS A & B type stations Mapping, expropriation, infrastructure information and GIS systems The installation of Natural Gas service lines and regulators Operating of Natural Gas Distribution system Natural Gas internal installation applications Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Cathodic protection and SCADA applications Invoicing and Customer Services