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The use of chemicals in agriculture is almost as old as farming itself, but the last fifty years have seen an explosion in the range of chemicals and mixtures available to the end user.

Chemical plant

This has in turn been accompanied by rising public concern about the use of these products within the food chain and the hazards posed by industry waste and pollution.

Agrochemicals can be a huge boon to the farmer, but can also be the root cause of value destruction. There is a balance to be struck between the judicious use of the best chemicals and minimizing the impact of that use. Regulation plays a very large role in this sector, but so too do price premiums and innovative production methods, from hydroponics to precision farming.

Using the right combination of chemicals, at the right time, in the right way and in full compliance with all the prevailing regulations is no easy task. SGS offers an extremely diverse selection of services to assist those producing, trading and using agrochemicals with risk management and regulatory compliance, all the way from manufacture to end use.